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label really should be a string With all the label of the column. The column label is often displayed as Element of the visualization, as an example as a column header in a very desk, or like a legend label in a pie chart. If no value is specified, an empty string is assigned. id should be a string with a unique identifier for your column. If no worth is specified, an empty string is assigned. See also: addColumn

This process doesn't return a take care of to your developed chart, so you cannot assign technique listeners to capture chart events. Syntax

parameter. It is a string that describes which column values To place into your desired destination column, in conjunction with any arbitrary textual content.

To understand what has become picked, get in touch with ChartWrapper.getChart(). getSelection(). Take note this will only be thrown once the fundamental chart type throws a variety event. None

columnIndex need to be a amount increased than or equivalent to zero, and under the number of columns as returned through the getNumberOfColumns() approach. The type of the returned objects is the same as that returned with the getValue method. getFilteredRows(filters)

rowIndex really should be a number greater than or equal to zero, and a lot less than the volume of rows as returned by the getNumberOfRows() technique. identify is usually a string With all the assets title.

Signifies a response of a query execution as obtained from the data source. An occasion of the course is handed as an argument on more info the callback operate that was set when Query.send was termed. Solutions

Returns true In case the query execution unsuccessful, along with the reaction would not comprise any facts table. Returns If your question execution was effective and the response incorporates a knowledge table. Error Exhibit

Columns might be revealed during the get specified. columnIndexes - An array of numbers and/or objects (could be mixed): Numbers specify the index of the source data column to incorporate in the view. The info is introduced through unmodified. If you need to explicitly determine a job or more column Attributes, read more specify an item by using a sourceColumn property. Objects specify a calculated column

Some visualizations guidance specific personalized properties; one example is the Desk visualization supports a mobile property identified as 'fashion', which lets you assign an inline CSS model string to the rendered table cell. A visualization really should explain in its documentation any custom Qualities that it supports. See also: QueryResponse.getDataTable

] String ID in the column. Must be exclusive in the table. Use essential alphanumeric people, so the host website page doesn't have to have fancy escapes to obtain the column in JavaScript. Be careful not to pick a JavaScript keyword. Instance

- A ChartWrapper item defining the initial chart to render inside the window. The chart ought to possibly Have got a populated DataTable, or be linked to a sound information source.

The chart is prepared for external approach calls. In order to interact with the chart, and get in touch with strategies after you attract it, you'll want to click here arrange a listener for this celebration before you decide to get in touch with the draw technique, and call them only once the celebration was fired. None

The DataTable item that you just made use of to make the DataView, on which you referred to as DataView.toJSON(). If this table is any various from the original desk, you're going to get unpredictable success.

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